Be a Part of Our Team

My husband and I recently purchased our first home, and I never thought I would make so many trips to Home Depot in my life.  The people at the customer service returns desk don’t even ask me anymore if I want it back on my card.  They just hand me store credit, and I am off once again to search the aisles for things I didn’t know existed and now suddenly need so desperately, I am willing to go out in public in sweat pants and ratty sneakers because it’s 8:30 at night, and I wasn’t expecting this critical element to break on me.

But that being said, I have also learned some pretty spectacular things.  I replaced the sprayer in our kitchen sink.  I discovered you cannot put latex paint over oil paint.  (My husband has deemed the look of the china cabinets in our dining room “floating paint” for which people will someday pay hundreds of dollars to acquire themselves.)  A lawnmower can now propel itself.  Dishwashers are a necessity, and neighbors really like to tell you what the other neighbors are doing.  Even if you really didn’t want to know.

But as I seriously lack in the home improvement skill department, I know some of you out there are amazing at it.  And you are the people we need!

Our current project at 50 Hosley Street is a three-family unit damaged by fire.  Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity is striving to complete the renovations on the structure, so three families can call the building home.  But we need help.  We need your help.

Site supervisors and crew leaders are critical to monitoring progress, teaching new volunteers, and directing the flow of renovations.  We are currently seeking skilled tradesmen to come on over to our build site and show us what you’ve got.  We need someone who is dedicated and can commit to helping our volunteers become better at what their hearts lead them to do.  If you have the time, the heart, the skill and the dedication, we want to see you.

Please sign up on our website to volunteer at the build site on a Saturday, so you can see what we’re doing and you can show us what you can do.  If you are a perfect match for us, we’d love to make you a crew leader or a site supervisor.  (You can even earn a swanky t-shirt!)

We are not just building homes.  We are building communities.  And if you love your community, come prove it.  Be a part of our mission to provide affordable housing to our neighbors.

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