Are Those Christmas Decorations?

This past weekend, the husband and I were out and about getting our pumpkins and gourds and general Halloween fanfare when we walked into a certain store here in Manchester and saw a great display of Halloween items.  But right behind it were endless aisles of Christmas decorations.  Thus, prompting the question, “Are those Christmas decorations?”

Yes, you may just be putting the finishing touches on your mummy costume, but the world at large has already moved on.  Halloween was so five minutes ago.  It’s time to start planning the holiday season!

And we here at Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity are moving full steam ahead into our holiday plans, and we would like you to come share in the fun.

One of the best thing’s about Thanksgiving when I was a kid was watching the Thanksgiving Day parades.  I always wanted to be a New York City Rockette when I grew up, and I waited all year to see them on TV in the parade.  I kept saying to everyone, “I’m going to be a Rockette,” and my mom would assure me I would be.  But she never took me to a dance lesson, so I’m not so sure she was telling me the truth then.

But now is your chance to fulfill your childhood dreams of being in a holiday parade  with the folks here at Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity.  Work began this past Saturday on our house on a truck float that we will be driving in the Derry holiday parade on November 24th at 1pm and in the Manchester holiday parade at 4pm on December 1.  And we want you to come walk with us!

Can’t commit to the time on a Saturday during the busy holiday season?  We are also looking for painters of all kinds.  If you can get paint on a brush and can wield it almost in the right direction, you are the person for us.  Come help us make our float the brightest one in the parade.

Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity has been helping local communities for 20 years.  Help us make the next 20 years even better by helping us spread the word in the holiday parades this Christmas!

For more information, send us an email to

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